Medsync Packs

  • Eliminate Possible Medication Errors

    Finally you don't need to count out your pills into weekly containers yourself and assure all doses of medication are available at the appropriate time. If you are a caregiver.... this is what you have been waiting for! Eliminate errors for managing medications at home. Any time you miss a dose or take a medication at a wrong time, you increase your chance for unnecessary health risks.

  • Easy Management of Medications

    Our Pill Packs allow you to throw away all those pill bottles!!! It's now so simple to remember which medication is once-a-day or three times a day or even once a week. We package even your OTC medications by organizing them into convenient labeled packages for each dosing interval be it breakfast, lunch , or dinner. Each pack is labeled with the patient's name, day and time of dose, and drug information.

  • Reducing Costs and Better Outcomes

    Our packaging allows our pharmacists to engage in conversations important to the patient. Any time a patient is better educated about the medicines they are taking, it allows one to be confident about medication compliance. Many pharmacies using Pill Packaging have reported higher adherence rates. Higher adherence correlates with lower readmission rates to hospitals/clinics and lower healthcare costs.

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